Chris Corby is an independent web developer based in Brighton (UK). Working with designers and studios, as well as on freelance projects, he specialises in bespoke website builds.

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  1. Tate Draw
    Drawing application
  2. A2A
    Graphic production studio
  3. Glyphs
    Font editing software
  4. Marwan Kaabour
    Designer’s portfolio
  5. Ashley Sheekey
    Artist’s portfolio
  6. James Joyce
    Artist’s portfolio
  7. As You Change, So Do I
    Public arts programme
  8. Leo Hunt
    Author’s site
  9. Sean Purdy
    Designer’s portfolio
  10. Juxta Press
    Online shop for a publishing house
  11. Collaborate with G . F Smith
    Crowdsourced showcase
  12. The Geometric Clock
    Experimental microsite